Child Safeguarding Standards and how to implement them [Keeping Children Safe]

The first Child Safeguarding Standards were launched over 12 years ago by a coalition of relief and development charities that later became known as Keeping Children Safe.

Since then there has been a growing recognition that, as well as risks to children from staff and associates, inappropriately designed programmes and poor operational management can also create the possibility of risks to children.

Literature Review: Sexual Violence Against Children in Sports and Exercise


Sexual violence against children in sports receives little research attention. The aim of this Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses-based systematic literature review was to synthesize the up-to-date knowledge and identify the already known and the still unknown information in this area. The literature search yielded seven eligible studies for inclusion. Their key outcomes suggest that sexual violence against children in sports is prevalent.

[International] Safeguarding the Rights of Children in Sports on World Children’s Day

Children face violence and abuse everyday; every fourth girl in Jamaica and every fifth girl in Europe has been a victim of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sport is one of the most common areas where violence against and abuse of children takes place.

Karen Madden gives some of the reasons why sport provides a space for violence and abuse: