UEFA webinar recording: Working with football clubs on child and youth protection

Supportive environments positively impact participation, performance, and personal development of young football players. Since 2020, the UEFA Social & Environmental Sustainability Division has taken significant strides in relation to good governance and human rights, including child rights. All UEFA member associations have a designated child and youth protection officer in place and whilst more than half of the associations have a policy, others are working towards this goal.

Webinar summary: The profile of under-18s and how to communicate effectively with them in football settings


Adults working with children and young people in football are responsible for ensuring a safe, and empowering environment for all children and youth to play football. This includes planning developmentally appropriate and inclusive opportunities to play and enjoy the game.

UEFA online course: Involving children in child safeguarding in football

Children have the right to freely express their views and participate in decisions that affect their lives (Art. 12 and 13 of the Convention in the Rights of the Child). Adults working with children in football therefore have a responsibility to encourage and support children’s participation. This includes efforts to keep children and youth safe while involved in football.

UEFA Competition-specific Child and Youth Protection Guidelines: How to ensure a safe environment

These UEFA guidelines set out competition-specific child and youth protection guidance for event organisers, event child safeguarding leads and/or child and youth protection officers when staging competitions and/or events with the participation of children and young people.

The document represents a further step in strengthening the protection for children and youth participating in football. They are informed by internal and external consultation between April 2022 and May 2023 and complement the UEFA Child and Youth Protection Policy and Toolkit.