FIFA launches major new global education programme to strengthen and build safeguarding capacity across football

  • FIFA Guardians™ develops first-ever global safeguarding in sport education programme
  • New FIFA Guardians Safeguarding in Sport Diploma aims to professionalise the role of safeguarding officers and raise safeguarding standards
  • Programme available to all 211 FIFA member associations and anyone working or volunteering in grassroots or professional sport
  • Become a FIFA Guardian – visit

FIFA today announ

FIFA Guardians and why international federations should play a greater role in safeguarding sport

This article by Richard Bush "sets out the key aspects of the FIFA Guardians toolkit, providing some commentary on the document and some further steps that international governing bodies might see fit to take in respect of safeguarding and child protection. Specifically, it looks at:

"Up to Us" FIFA Guardians

This is a toolkit developed by FIFA, for its member organisations in order to establish guiding principles and minimum rquirements that will help leaders and organisers in football to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for children. The toolkit is part of FIFA's overall committment to safeguard children and will be supplemented with further guidance, templates, knowledge-sharing and training to support members.