UEFA child safeguarding online courses [English]

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UEFA and Terre des hommes have developed four interactive online courses on child safeguarding in football. The courses are intended for anyone working with children in football or interested in this field.

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The following courses are available:

  • Awareness raising on child safeguarding in football. This course outlines the concept of safeguarding and our joint responsibility to make football a safe environment for children. This course is recommended for anyone involved in football, including parents, and for those interested in this topic.
    • takes about 15 minutes
  • Child safeguarding for coaches. This course is more specific and covers topics such as recognising signs of abuse, particular risk situations for children in a football environment and how to respond to safeguarding concerns.
    • takes about 45 minutes
  • Child safeguarding for staff. This course is suitable for all staff and volunteers who work directly or indirectly with children in football. The course will help them to understand their safeguarding role, how they can take preventive measures and report situations of concern.
    • takes about 30 minutes
  • Child safeguarding for child safeguarding focal points. This course provides in-depth training for those who require more specialised knowledge, such as child safeguarding focal points or designated main contacts for child safeguarding who will be handling child-related concerns.
    • takes about 45 minutes
  • Involving children in child safeguarding in football. This course will help those interested to learn what is meant by involving children in child safeguarding efforts in football, why this is important and how children can participate.
    • takes about 30 minutes

The courses are also available in French, German, and Russian.

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