Child safeguarding in football program [Royal Belgian Football Association]

Belgium program

Safeguarding of children should be high on the agenda of every organisation that works with children. 

The Royal Belgian Football association (RBFA), the regional federations Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF and the Pro League, the organisation of professional football, are aware of their important role to safeguard children who play football regardless of their level (amateur/elite). 

In order to safeguard children at every level in football, the organisations developed their ‘Safeguarding in Football’ program. This program will be followed-up by the Safeguarding best practice and reflect experts’ group consisting of a member of every federation. Each federation will take measures for children and young people that fall under their responsibility. 

The ‘Safeguarding in football’ program focusses on prevention and detection and builds further on existing legal regulations in Belgium and the RBFA that mainly focus on bans and sanctions. 

The program can be downloaded below in English and French.