[European Union] French launch for “Start to Talk” campaign against child sexual abuse in sports

Council of Europe

The “Start to Talk” campaign was launched by the Council of Europe to fight against the abuse of children in sports.

Sport is a good way to learn how to be resilient, how to cope with failures and how to be a team member, but it can create a relationship based on fear and power and make children vulnerable to abuse and sexual abuse. There are many threats in the physical contact, in the shared showers and in the changing rooms and it’s very difficult for children to talk about the abuse, as they are may afraid of shame, the pressure of losing friends and the relationship with their coach.

The campaign aims all actors in the sports by pledging them for actions to prevent abuse and to respond to it. The aim is to break the silence around this topic. Video clips, online and print materials and speakers are available as support.

To find out more check the campaign website: http://starttotalk.org/