Template: Child safeguarding policy for national associations [UEFA]

Template policy

This template Child safeguarding policy forms part of the Child safeguarding toolkit for UEFA member associations, in our efforts to support UEFA member associations in actions to safeguarding children. The policy outlines the guiding principles, minimum requirements and procedures to follow, in order to provide a safe environment for children. National football associations are encouraged to use this policy as a strong basis for their own safeguarding policies.

The policy is part of UEFA’s overall commitment to safeguarding children and is supplemented with further guidance, templates, knowledge-sharing and training to support member associations in developing their own safeguarding policies, procedures and good practices.

The policy centres around five goals:
GOAL 1: Laying the foundations for safeguarding
GOAL 2: Ensuring organisational preparedness and prevention
GOAL 3: Raising awareness
GOAL 4: Working with others and reporting concerns
GOAL 5: Measuring success in safeguarding