[International] Safeguarding the Rights of Children in Sports on World Children’s Day

The Wire News Now

Children face violence and abuse everyday; every fourth girl in Jamaica and every fifth girl in Europe has been a victim of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sport is one of the most common areas where violence against and abuse of children takes place.

Karen Madden gives some of the reasons why sport provides a space for violence and abuse:

  • Pain is accepted.
  • Children have to work beyond their borders for success.
  • Many parents support aggressive behaviour for better result.
  • Athletes listen to their coach without complaint.
  • Institutions coverup these stories.

Sadly, sport is one of the best things for a child, but it can be a nightmare for some. Fighting for children’s right is the focus of World Children’s Day, and Jamaica, as a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), has committed to protecting them.