Child safeguarding focal points

Royal Belgian Football Association translates the UEFA Child Safeguarding online courses into Dutch

The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) has taken the initiative to translate the child safeguarding online courses developed by UEFA and Terre des hommes into Dutch. This allows them to promote the e-learnings in the Belgian Football clubs, elite football schools and national youth teams as part of the Belgian Child Safeguarding Programme.

Child safeguarding toolkit for UEFA member associations [English]

The child safeguarding toolkit for European football was developed by UEFA and Terre des hommes to help UEFA member associations protect and safeguard children from abuse and respond to any concerns. The toolkit recognises that many national associations have already introduced good policies, procedures and training, and builds on extensive consultation with those national associations and experts in the field.

Онлайн-курсы УЕФА по защите детей [Russian]

УЕФА и организация Terre des hommes разработали четыре интерактивных онлайн-курса по защите детей в футболе. Эти курсы предназначены для всех, кто работает с детьми в футболе или интересуется данной сферой.

Guidance note: Role and responsibilities of child safeguarding focal point [UEFA]

The role of the child safeguarding focal point is critical to an environment where children of all ages and abilities can safely participate in football and have fun. However, this does not mean that the focal point has sole responsibility for the safeguarding of children within an organisation. The role of the focal point, as the name suggests, is to provide a point of contact, and to advise, support and assist the organisation in the implementation of the child safeguarding policy and associated procedures, including responding to cases.